Privacy Policy The following statement will let you get to know about our policy regarding the personal information that has been collected.  

From time to time you will be requested to submit personal information which includes name, email address and many others in order to receive and use services available on our website.  

By simply entering your details in the requested fields, you will be successful to enable RP Trust Sole propertoship to provide you with the selected services. Whenever such personal information is provided, we will be treating this information in accordance with this policy. Our services are highly designed to give you the required information that you desire to receive. RP Trust will act in accordance with current legislation and aim to meet current best practice of the Internet.  

During the course of any visit to RP Trust, the pages that come in front of you including cookies get automatically downloaded to the computer. Most of the websites do this thing as cookies allow the website publisher to perform all sorts of useful actions which include finding out whether the computer and the user have visited the site before or not. This is done on a repeat visit by checking to see and find out the cookie left on the last visit.  

Information supplied by cookies will help us to provide a better service to our clients. It also helps us to analyze the profile of the visitors. In case during a previous visit you went to the Archive, then we can find this out from your cookie and give our best to highlight new information covering your area of interest on second visit.  

Whenever you enter a website, your computer system will automatically be issued with a cookie. It is to be noted that cookies are text files that helps our server to identify your computer. Cookies themselves do not identify the individual user but the computer being into usage. Most of the websites do this whenever a user visits their site for tracking flow of traffic.  

Cookies themselves are known to record only those areas of the site that have been visited by the computer along with the duration of visits. Users have the opportunity to set their computers to accept all cookies, to notify them at the time of issuing a cookie along with preventing the receiving of cookies. The last option implies the fact that the user is preventing us to provide certain personalized services.

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